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Juli Neuigkeiten

letztes Update 08/07/2014
Mit steifen Gelenken und Beweglichkeitsproblemen kann er das leider nicht. Man kann sich leicht vorstellen, dass die Lebensqualität eines Hundes zu einem großen Teil davon abhängt, ob er wie ein gesunder Hund springen, laufen und herumtollen kann. Bei Problemen mit den Gelenken hat er weniger Freude an Spaziergängen oder Spielen. Seine Bewegungen werden dann langsamer. Das lässt ihn älter wirken, als er tatsächlich ist. Glücklicherweise können wir Ihnen ein Futter anbieten, das nachweislich Gelenkbeschwerden lindert und die Beweglichkeit verbessert. Erfahren Sie mehr...
letztes Update 27/07/2009 16:53:00
People have lately become much more aware of the nutritional needs of their cats. It used to be popular opinion that all cat foods were the same, just with different labels, and it didn't really matter which one you picked.
letztes Update
Chocolate is for humans, not for dogs. Many owners don't realise but chocolate is actually essentially poisonous for dogs.
letztes Update 15/07/2013
Mit 11 Jahren werden Katzen üblicherweise als „Senior“ eingestuft. Diese Zeit ist häufig geprägt durch Veränderungen des Verhaltens als auch des körperlichen Zustands.
letztes Update letztes Update: 05/07/2012
Wir haben Lynda D. Mendelez, Medical Director in der klinischen Forschung bei Hill's, zu ihren Aufgaben befragt und wollten mehr über ihre Arbeit für und mit Hunden und Katzen erfahren.
letztes Update 27/07/2009 17:03:00
Obesity is a pandemic among the human population in this world, but it is steadily becoming a pet pandemic as well. Many people have a super soft spot in their hearts, their homes and their lives for their four legged companions. Lots of people see their pets as an extension of their family. While this not in itself a bad thing, it can turn into a disaster for your pet. The key to keeping that relationship healthy and long lived is discipline and a little tough love when it comes to dog diets.
letztes Update 27/07/2009 16:44:00
For most people, our dogs are not simply pets, they part of the family. We want the best for our dogs, so that they can lead long, healthy and happy lives. When it comes to food, we want to get the best dog nutrition available.
letztes Update 27/07/2009 16:31:00
As we grow older our dietary needs change and it is exactly the same for our canine senior citizens too. A large percentage of people have long-lived pets today, so this is something we have to think about as our dog's move into their less active and more mature years.
letztes Update 27/07/2009 16:14:00
When you get a cat or kitten or are thinking about bringing one into your home, it is a vitally important part of that process that you do proper research first. Knowledge is power and in this case, knowledge of cat health is the power that will keep your cat healthy.
letztes Update
It is a common misconception that cats should be given milk regularly as a treat. The truth is that most cats are lactose intolerant so giving them cow's milk can actually cause significant health issues. Milk doesn't part of necessary cat nutrition and many cats suffer stomach upsets or other related problems because their owner thought that they were giving them a treat.
letztes Update
Many people think that the behaviour of their dog is an element that is affected solely by breed, environment and training (or lack of). This, however, is not entirely true. Yes, certain breeds of dogs have common specific behaviour characteristics such as boisterousness or a guarding instinct. It is also true that how you raise and train your puppy has a huge affect on their adult behaviour and personality.
letztes Update
In people, the right diet is very important. If you are eating the wrong way for your metabolism, activity level, age and lifestyle you could end up with health issues. The same goes for your pet, and if your cat or dog is fed an unsuitable diet, they can suffer the consequences health-wise. A balanced and high quality pet diet is incredibly important to ensure optimum health for your furry companion in all stages of their life.
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